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The use of our website is only reserved for adults from 18 years old. is an advertising site for adults, all data presented on the website are completely on responsibility of the advertisers and are independent. in no way an intermediary and has nothing to do with the activity of the advertiser of the portal. The escorts on the website are all independent in Switzerland + Globally, and publish their private phone numbers.

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Control all their own information, content and data from the moment advertisers register with Taking this in to account, cannot be held responsible for the accurancy of any advertiser information, content or data used on the website. As a result we cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss, cost or damages incurred by using the website. Advertisers are therefor responsible for any bookings, agreements, customer correspondence and customer service activity.

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When you browse our site, we do not collect personal Information about you in any way. The registration information we do store on our servers are safe and secure and managed 24/7 by professional technicians .


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